Trillium Pacific Resource Consultants Ltd. (Trillium) was established in 1996 as a Forest and Vegetation Inventory consultant. Since then, Trillium has conducted resource inventories from the southern coastal forests to the southern interior wetbelt to the subboreal forests of the far north (and many points in between). Operating as a principal member and team player in the Inventory Resources Cooperative (IRC), Trillium has participated in (if not having spearheaded) the completion of over 10 major inventories and all associated digital mapping. Other activities have included map update for NAD Shift, full overlay map construction, and development of a suite of in-house VRI software collection, manipulation and analysis. IRC currently includes Trillium, Atticus Resource Consulting Ltd., FMS Forest Measurement Services Ltd. and HCK Forestry Ltd. IRC also works closely with Andrew Neale Digital Mapping and Madrone Environmental Consultants.

Jon Aleman, R.P.F. is the professional forester for Trillium and provides image interpretation, software development, and digital mapping consulting services. Lynn Aleman provides the bulk of digital mapping services in addition to image interpretation support. Within the framework of IRC, Trillium has established a very positive track record, and is capable of meeting the inventory needs of the forestry community.

Trillium is pleased to have had the opportunity to complete substantial VRI inventory projects for:

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